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11.30  Registration

11.45  Lunch, mingle & meet the Next Textile Partners

12.45. Welcome. Pierre Rosengren, CEO TEX! & moderator Magnus Ohlsson, CEO Retailomania, moderator of NEXT TEXTILE 2020

  • Speaker introduction and program orientation.

13.00  Opening speech: Emotional longevity – is there a market for timeless design? Christiane Dolva, Head of Sustainability, Fjällräven

  • Christiane has been head of sustainability for the past 10 years and responsible for Fjällräven´s sustainability strategy for the past 6 years. She is a board member of Scandinavian Outdoor Group and was earlier this year elected as sport industry woman of the year. Her passion is to marry her love for nature and outdoor activities with her engagement for creating long-term sustainable business strategies.   


13.30 Transparency – the rationales, work and consequences of working with transparency at Nudie Jeans Co. Gabriella Wulff, lecturer, Swedish School of Textiles.

  • An institutional perspective on a Swedish denim company’s transparency work. In 2012, Nudie Jeans took on an ambition to become ‘the most transparent company in the world’. The ambition is reflected in a general trend in society towards increased openness and transparency. But what does ‘transparency’ actually mean in practice? What work is carried out within the organisation, for what reasons and with what consequences?Based on her dissertation on transparency in a Swedish denim company, Gabriella presents and discusses how Nudie Jeans Co. worked towards increasing organisational transparency.

14.00 Business as unusual. The end of retail as we know it, Magnus Ohlsson, Retailmania (In English)

  • Social distancing, working from home and spending more time there have led to a situation where apparel sales dropped heavily and the digital transformation accelerates.  This is a time where brands and retailers that wish to survive must be able to answer the one question from a potential customer: Why, in this abundance of stuff and offerings, should I buy from you?

14.30 Coffee Break & Mingle and meet the NEXT TEXTILE partners

15.00 Beyond Consumption – Responsible & Creative Development,  Nora Kuehner, Fashion Design Consulting. (In English)

  • It is not only the current pandemic that underlines that the consumption-led business has reached its tipping-point. We have seen suddenly altering lifestyles and shifting priorities. How to evolve our collections?  Facing the poor resilience of the textile industry in unsure times like these, it is obvious that we have to revamp our system and structures. The overarching question is: What can we do right at the intersection of the planet´s needs, people´s lives and textile business?  

15.35 Accelerating Circularity 2020 – The American East Coast Karla Magruder, CEO Accelerating Circularity (In English)

• To scale Circular Textile Supply Chains we need a lineup of organizations willing to commit to developing something new. We’re looking for companies that don’t believe in trying to figure out if it’s the chicken (textile collection) or the egg (brand demand) that comes first.

16.20 How to destroy your brand reputation: try to Greenwash Gen Z Charles Ross, Royal College of Art, London – Textile Innovation (In English)

• There are issues with so much of the textile industry, but every opportunity to build the loyalty of your customer base through action, not marketing. Charles presentation offers simple solutions based on his highly appreciated presentation at last year´s NEXT TEXTILE on Plastic-in-the-Ocean, the dodgy chemicals associated with textiles, & pan-global supply chains.

16.45 Summary of Next Textile 2020 Magnus Ohlsson

17.00 End of Programme Pierre Rosengren, TEX!