9.30 Coffee & Mingle presented by Foursource


10.00 WELCOME – Pierre Rosengren, TEX!


10.05 Introduction Charles Ross Moderator, Royal College of Art Lecturer, specializing in Sustainability & Provenance of materials.


10.10 Niklas Hedin, CEO Centiro AB

Full-On-Digital + Supply Chain Agility = Sustainable Growth

The digital transformation of the business landscape, along with consumers’ shifting preferences, is accelerating trends and triggering radical shifts at a rate few could have predicted. These rapid behavioural changes require superiority in supply chain agility to meet new demands. What used to be a desired quality for some has become a prerequisite for both short- and long-term survival and success.


10.35 Elaine Gardiner, Haglöfs

Climate commitments and the supply chain

Climate targets often come with promises of increasing the use of lower impact materials such as those containing recycled content, but what about the impact of the factories used to process those materials?


11.00 Fredrik Hermansson, Green Carrier


11.25 Jo Dawson, HD® Wool Apparel Insulation

Regenerative principles for the textile industry

11.50 Panel Discussion – Summary of today’s morning including Dr Pamela Ravasio & Louise Klarsten.


12.15 Lunch mingle presented by Polygiene


13.15 Afternoon session intro Charles Ross, Moderator


13.20 Mark Shayler, This is Ape.

Tomorrow’s World: How is the consumer and world changing, why the future hasn’t been cancelled, and what this means for supply-chain.

The consumer is revolting, how do we begin to understand them? Competition comes from unexpected places; how can we keep our radar on? Your best talent can work anywhere, how do attract and retain the best talent in the world? Your supply chains are fracturing on one hand and simplifying on another, how can we build resilience into them? This presentation looks at how changes in consumer behaviour and your market will impact what you do and how your supply-chains work.


13.45 Carola Seybold, Pantone LCC

New Solutions for handling color globally in a sustainable and digital way.

Pantone will discuss the future of global colour Communication and colour Control from a sustainable and digital point of view. Make your Color Handling from Design to Supply Chain ready for the Future – which starts today! New solutions which will speed up, digitize, and go the sustainable route for color development.


14.10 Andreas Andrén + Emma Garotte, We Are SpinDye + Gina Tricot



14.35 Energy boost


15.00 Fabrics of life Award

FABRIC OF LIFE AWARD®, premiere of the first prize ceremony and winners of the new Swedish Textile Industry award in recognition of extraordinary individual or collective contributions of great international importance in innovation, design and sustainability


15.30 Summary of NEXT TEXTILE 2021 – Panel Discussion, Rudrajeet Pal, Pamela Ravasio

15.45 Thank You & See you Next Year Pierre Rosengren, TEX!


15.45 -17.00 Afterwork & Mingle hosted på Rudholm & Haak. SMART Textiles Showroom Open