Program 2019

NEXT TEXTILE - BEYOND 2020: Learn and prepare for tomorrow's distribution landscape, consumer expectations, digital opportunities and logistic challenges.

09.00 Registration & Coffee

09.30 Welcome by Pierre Rosengren, CEO TEX! & moderator Monica Bota-Moisin

  • Speaker introduction and program orientation.

09.45-10.15 AI and exponential technology in retail, by Alex Baker: Retail Tech X

  • The future of retail in the age of technology and customer experience

 10.15-10.45 How to build a space elevator! Samuel Young, head of ICAx,

  • Recipes from ICA’s innovation hub for success and innovation given the volatility and changing world around us. Core concepts are non-leadership, non-strategy and visioneering.

10.45-11.00 Coffee

11.00-11.45 Smarter Business, Louisa Smith. (In English)

  • Louisa will share success stories and best-case studies from around the world to make you smarter starting today! Supply chain is now longer linear, it has become an infinite loop where consumers also are involved in back-end with co-creating and engaging, materials are recycled and re-used. Consumer trends are future disruptive drivers! Time is the new currency | Masscasualization | Buying less

11.45-13.15 Lunch, mingle and meet the NEXT TEXTILE partners

13.15-14.00 The Future of Textiles in the decade of Disruption, Charles Ross, Royal College of Art – Textile innovation. (In English)

  • Whatever you thought was not possible a decade ago has already happened and is progressing with greater momentum. Textiles as the world´s second most polluting industry is most evil in originating the Plastic-in-the-Ocean. Is this the whole picture in reality? A sense of proportion could make those who work in this industry have more pride so that there can be a more informed view.

14.00-14.30 The Sustainability Buzzword – nothing new under the sun? Dr Pamela Ravasio – Hohenstein Institute (English)

  • Being well prepared for the significant changes and shifts the textile industry will face is not an easy task. Has Sustainability Buzzword got to do with it? And how about facts, figures, science and KPIs?

14.30-14.50 Case: F/ACT Movement. Jonas Larsson – Science Park Borås

  • F/ACT Movement, a project part of Circular Textile Initiative, has challenged ten fashion consumers to not buy anything newly produced during a 6-month period. Jonas Larsson, researcher at the School of Textiles, will speak about the prospects of a zero-waste fashion industry.

14.50-15.10 Case:  RePack – reuse as a service – Jonne Hellgren – CoFounder/CEO RePack

  • Nordic bottle return system is a global circular economy success story in reducing waste. RePack have applied this service to other forms of packaging – starting from clothing e-commerce. Jonne Hellgren will tell you how companies like Addnature, Ganni and Filippa K reduce packaging waste and improve the user experience of online shopping.

15.10-15.30 More Coffee

15.30- 16.00  Brexit, Trade war and Free Trade Agreements, Patrik Andreasson, Tullkompetens AB

  • Threats and Opportunities. What to expect and how to prepare?

16.00-16.20 Tomorrow’s distribution landscape, Martin Kössler, Helping You Grow International Business AB

  • Which distribution mix should we consider for the future? B2C, D2C, Omni, marketplaces or all at once?

16.20- 16.50 Panel discussion with today’s speakers and including Monica Moisin, Cultural International Property and Kenneth Qfvarnström, Brainforest. (In English)

16.50-17.00 Thank You,  Pierre Rosengren, TEX!